Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Plan for the DJ to Setup

An experienced DJ should tell you what they need for setup. A wall outlet is almost always needed. Very few DJ’s work on a generator or battery power but some can for outdoor events. Their can be an extra cost if a generator is needed so check with your DJ. Generally one outlet is fine. Two or more outlets can be helpful especially if there is a lot of mood lighting.

If the event is at your home you can plan ahead by unplugging anything plugged into the nearby outlets that are not needed during the event. The DJ should be able to tell you how much room they will need. By clearing a space in advance it can save on stress prior to the event. You may not be sure which is the best area for the DJ’s setup. Let your DJ know this before they arrive. They may want to get there a few minutes earlier to help pick the spot they think is best. Past experience has given me a good eye on the best area for the guests comfort and my setup.  I am happy to give advice with this problem.

The amount of time the DJ will need to setup varies with what equipment is needed for your party. On average it takes about 60 to 90 minutes for setup. This depends on if lighting and/or karaoke is used. If the event is in a rented space check with the venue as to how long before the event they will allow you and your DJ into the room.

You may also have decorations of your own to setup and you don’t want you or DJ to be rushed. If the DJ has to rush to setup he or she may not get done before the party starts. Some venues will allow you entry hours before and some less than 30 minutes. Check with the venue before you book as to how much time they allow. Planning ahead with these few simple things will help your party run more smoothly. I will have more about cutting down on setup stress in the next entry.

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