Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to Select Wedding Music So That Everyone Has Fun!

Brides and grooms often prefer to hear only the music they like at their wedding. They may want to consider what their guests will like also. At times the bride and groom come up with a long list of songs that only a selection guests will like. For example, their song list may only consist of fast hip hop music which appeals to younger guests. This may make the older guests leave early. This is okay if that is what is intended. If not it is important to consider all the guests when selecting a variety of music.

Weddings often consist of guests of all ages. If you want all your guests to enjoy themselves than a mix of music is needed. This means you can have the newest fast dance music, oldies for the seniors, disco from the 70’s as well as new music with heart pounding beats.  This will insure that everyone enjoys some of the music.  Keep in mind that all the guests bring gifts and all should be considered.  Since the grandparents usually bring the biggest gifts they should be considered in the entertainment.

Keeping it family friendly is also important. I play only the “clean” radio edits of each song at family events. This way older guest and those with children aren’t offended. Many times there are one or two styles of music the bride and groom can’t stand. I have found people either love country or hate it. If the couple has country down on their do not play list the guests that want to line dance may feel alienated.  This also puts the DJ in the position of having to make an excuse if a country request is made. Even if you hate a certain type of music you may want to consider allowing two three songs from that genre to be played if requested. You can always go to the rest room during that time and powder your nose.

 I have done weddings that were scheduled too late at night. At these weddings the older guests and those with kids all left while the party was still going strong. In those cases, the music can usually become all of one type without the concern for entertaining a diverse group.  The music sets the mood of the event. Try to make sure you set the right mood for everyone you invite. Otherwise you might as well save some money by reducing your guest list down to just people of your age group. 

If you want people to remember your wedding as a great event consider your guests when selecting your songs.  When planning consider weddings where you were a guest.  Think about what made it a success and what did not.  Consult with a few people about their feelings about music at weddings. I am sure you will come to the right conclusions.  Need more advice? I always assist my clients with sound advice. Get it? Sound advice!  Okay bad joke but good advice.

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